7XM’s Curvada Tigers Won by Default against Pulang Araw

On December 18, 2022, the basketball competition was held, and the Curvada Tigers team had a fantastic day when they defeated the Pulang Araw by default. The event was a one-day basketball competition run by SK representatives from Barangay Basiawan, Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental. It was intended to gather adult teams for an enjoyable and friendly competition.

7xm curvada tigers

“Basketball has been a part of Filipino culture for more than a century. It is regarded as the country’s most well-liked sport.”

Despite the difficulties the organizers faced, such as the heavy rain, the event was seen as generally successful since it achieved its stated purpose. The Curvada Tigers team, which was co-presented by 7XM, the top online casino and a reputable provider of online gambling in the Philippines, was declared the victor when their opponent team did not arrive at the specified time.


The 7XM, the top online casino in the Philippines and the undisputed market leader in the worldwide online gambling market, was grateful to the event’s organizers for what it had given the business and for helping to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Brand awareness.  Although 7XM has been around for a while and has swiftly established its brand and reputation as the market leader in the international online gaming sector and a great way to connect to the people. The event was an excellent opportunity to inform the public about the 7XM Casino sector.

Additionally, the event helps a product stand out from other brands by introducing it to the general public. Since customers are more inclined to purchase well-known brands than unknown ones, companies with strong brand awareness are likely to make more money;

  1. Drives the curiosity of the people.  Curiosity is a necessary condition for learning, which also plays a significant role in any interaction. People learn more efficiently because curiosity prepares the brain for learning and makes subsequent learning more enjoyable and satisfying.

The presence of the 7XM banners, the uniforms worn by the players, and the flyers that were distributed piqued the curiosity of the people. These strategies compelled people to discover more about 7XM and to investigate, seek out, and inquire about it;

  1. Encourages the people to register with 7XM.  When people are aware of the business and its reputation, they are more likely to be motivated to sign up and take part in casino games. When this can happen, we can only hope that more people will start playing casino games and get the chance to win.
7XM Bonus

In conclusion, the basketball competition provided several benefits to the participants, the neighborhood, and the business in addition to showcasing the players’ abilities. At organized events like basketball tournaments, 7XM had the chance to impress potential clients with their selection of casino games.

7XM can vouch for this as it is a sponsor of the Curvada Tigers basketball team. They not only won the game, but they also managed to win it by informing the captive audience about the company and its reputation. The company and its selection of casino games will eventually gain more fans.


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